Welcome to new Ohlone College Music Network website!

I’m Kaylie Stewart. I’m a singer/songwriter at Ohlone. One thing I’ve found in my couple years at Ohlone is that Ohlone has a great music program with a lot of awesome resources and a LOT of talented musicians. But unless you’ve been taken been there for years or taken a lot of music classes, it’s difficult to know who does what and who can help you with what. I think we could all collaborate and create a ton of great music. I created this website (and Facebook group) as a way to bring our music community together. You can find other students to collaborate and work with, get some help with one of your music classes/instruments, or maybe you just want to get your music out there.

I hope you all enjoy the new site! (And bear with me, because it’s very much still under construction =P)